Advisory Board Duties




Purpose: To aid the Police Benevolent Foundation and the Executive Director in supporting the needs of law enforcement officers and their families; to support the core initiatives of the Foundation in its support of the Southern States PBA and its state divisions –

  • Providing aid to the families of fallen law enforcement officers
  • Providing legal services to PBA members
  • Disaster Relief for law enforcement officers
  • Providing scholarships for youth



Assist the Executive Director and the Foundation in:


  1. Increasing the visibility of the Foundation;
    1. Networking – looking for opportunities to acquire new supporters/contributors
    2. Marketing – looking for opportunities to promote the Foundation
  2. Increase the information and education of the community on the needs of law enforcement officers and their families;
    1. Be willing and able to share/illustrate the concerns of law enforcement officers and their families.
  3. Facilitate fundraising efforts;
    1. Securing people who may be able to provide financial support to the Foundation – friends, family members, professionals
    2. Personal pledge to raise at least $1000 each year as a function of Advisor Board participation (flexible).
    3. Make introductions, connect the Executive Director with the ‘need to know’ people in the community.
    4. Assist the Foundation in securing grants, public funding, alternative funding sources. (if you are able)
  4. Be an advocate for law enforcement officers, families of fallen officers and the Foundation;
    1. Look for new, creative ways to serve members of the law enforcement profession and there families – including conceptualizing support groups, research, etc.



Time Requirements:  


  • 4 meetings per year – usually 1 per quarter unless special needs arise as directed by your advisory board chair.
  • Meetings should be contained to a 90-120 minute window as to respect the time and obligations of its advisory board members.

Atlanta Advisory Board