As a part of our initiative to take an attractive role in disaster relief preparedness, the Foundation has instated, as a major part of its funding, a disaster relief fund to provide aid and assistance to law enforcement during times of natural or manmade disaster. 

As recently as 2005, during the freshman year of our young foundation, we were called into action to provide aid and assistance in the Gulf Coast region of our country.  Hurricane’s Katrina and Rita left a devastating path of destruction that affected hundreds of thousands.  The Foundation’s mission is to aid the law enforcement during these times includes, but it not limited to, providing funds, goods & services to law enforcement personnel
while they attempt to perform their duties under such extreme circumstances.

While we cannot aid or respond in all situations, it is our intention and our goal to be ready if the need should arise.  Funds are limited and we are actively searching for ways to better serve our law enforcement professionals during these disastrous times.

Since 2005, the Foundation has provided more than $350,000 in disaster relief aid and assistance to law enforcement officers and their families.  Much of this has been spent in the Gulf Region after Hurricane Katrina struck.  The Foundation shipped truckloads of goods and supplies down to the survivors, organized temporary housing, collected clothing and food, building supplies, and much more.